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About 1st Drop Music

1st Drop Music Flagstaff Arizona

Nestled in the cultural tapestry of Flagstaff, Arizona, 1st Drop Music stands as a beacon for independent musicians across various genres. Founded by the visionary Bear Cole, known artistically under many names, maybe most prolifically Bear the Astronot, this record label and music collective is dedicated to disrupting the traditional music industry model by amplifying the voices of diverse and independent artists. With an innovative approach and a commitment to creativity, 1st Drop Music is shaping the future of music by embracing genres from electronic dance to rock, and beyond.

A Vision for the Future

1st Drop Music was born from Bear Cole’s desire to see a more inclusive and supportive music industry. As an independent artist himself, Cole recognized the challenges that musicians face in gaining recognition and reaching broader audiences. His response was to create a platform that not only supports artists in producing and promoting their music but also emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration.

The label’s website,, serves as a hub for discovery, showcasing an eclectic mix of talents and sounds. It reflects Cole’s vision of a music industry that values artistic integrity over commercial viability, and diversity over conformity. Through this platform, 1st Drop Music helps independent artists bypass the traditional gatekeepers of the music industry, allowing them to directly connect with listeners worldwide. Their listeners are an eclectic group of people that just love good music no matter the genre.

Diverse Roster of Artists

The strength of 1st Drop Music lies in its diverse roster of artists, each bringing their unique sounds and perspectives to the collective. This includes:

  • Bear Cole: As the founder, Cole shines as a dance music producer but also a proficient songwriter with a knack for poignant lyrics and captivating melodies, Bear Cole combines House and EDM knowledge as a DJ Producer, and authentically adds a country, folk, and indie pop dimension to the mix. His love for Dance Music is apparent  and he shows no fear diving into what some might consider pop & country.
  • Bear the Astronot: Bear the Astronot brings a blend of hip-hop, electronic, and indie rock, setting the tone for the label’s eclectic aesthetic. Bear the Astronot is an Alternative Hip-Hop veteran known for melding genres and as a pioneer and wordsmith.
  • Michael Patrick Ceol: Sometimes known as M.P. Ceol this elusive artist is known best for dark horror influenced synths and electronic drones. Not only a producer, but also a sound designer Ceol delves deep into the darkness with complex soundscapes.
  • IMIKO: Bringing an ethereal and experimental vibe, IMIKO’s music pushes the boundaries of electronic and pop genres.
  • BG NFTY: Known for his energetic performances and lofi soul infused instrumentals, BG NFTY infuses the roster with vibrant hip-hop.
  • Turntable Kachina: A project that merges traditional Native American music with modern electronic beats, highlighting cultural heritage and contemporary creativity. Celebrating electronic music from the Navajo reservation across the globe.
  • Feral Business: The electronic dance-rock collective known for their high-energy tracks that are both invigorating and thought-provoking.

Each artist under the 1st Drop Music banner not only contributes their unique sound but also embodies the label’s mission to challenge the status quo and embrace innovation. The roster is steadily growing.

Supporting Creativity and Innovation

At the core of 1st Drop Music’s philosophy is a commitment to supporting the creative processes of its artists. The Music Group provides resources ranging from production assistance to marketing and distribution networks, ensuring that artists have what they need to succeed without compromising their artistic vision. This support system is vital for independent artists who might otherwise struggle to find the resources necessary to bring their music to a global audience.

Moreover, 1st Drop Music is keen on utilizing the latest technologies to promote their artists. From leveraging social media platforms to exploring the use of unique music releases, the Music Group stays at the forefront of digital innovation, making music accessible in the most modern ways possible.

Impact on Flagstaff and Beyond

While 1st Drop Music is based in Flagstaff, its influence extends far beyond the Arizona music scene. The 1st Drop Music Group has built a network that spans across continents, bringing diverse music to a global audience. However, its impact on the local community remains significant. By fostering a vibrant music scene in Flagstaff, 1st Drop Music not only enriches the local culture but also positions the city as a burgeoning hub for independent music. Many of it’s artists can also be found performing live and DJing across the entire American Southwest.


1st Drop Music is more than just a group of indie musicians; it is a movement. Under the guidance of Bear Cole, the team continues to champion the independence and diversity necessary for the evolution of music. In a world where the arts are increasingly homogenized, 1st Drop Music stands out as a sanctuary for creativity, offering a platform where independent voices can thrive and shape the future of music, one drop at a time.

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