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Dark, Electronic, Rock, Dance [Band]


Feral Business: Embracing the Ferality of Human Culture

What name could be more descriptive of human culture than Feral Business? In the heart of the underground music scene, amidst the shadows and whispers, emerges a band shrouded in mystery and darkness—Feral Business. Born from the depths of electronic experimentation, Feral Business is not just a band; it’s a phenomenon, a rebellion against the mundane, and a celebration of the primal instincts that pulse within us all. The ferality of being human.

Origins and Sound

Originating from an enigmatic meeting of minds in an obscure mountain dwelling, Feral Business defies traditional classification. Their sound is a fusion of goth, techno, dance, dark rock, and noise, challenging the norms of conventional music. It’s a cacophony of pop songwriting sensibilities, distorted beats, haunting melodies, and visceral lyrics that grip the soul and refuse to let go.

At the helm of this sonic insurgency are the elusive members of Feral Business, identities concealed behind veils of anonymity. The music speaks for them. Rumors abound regarding their origins, with some whispering tales of clandestine experiments in abandoned warehouses and others suggesting encounters with otherworldly forces.

Ethos and Appeal

What sets Feral Business apart is not just their sound but their ethos. They are the embodiment of rebellion against the sanitized mainstream, choosing instead to embrace the raw, the untamed, and the primal. Their music is a reflection of the chaos and beauty that lurks in the shadows, a soundtrack for those who dare to dance on the edge of oblivion.

Despite their secrecy, Feral Business has garnered a devout following, drawn to the band’s enigmatic allure and electrifying performances. Their live shows are legendary, immersive experiences where reality blurs and inhibitions fade away. It’s a communion of darkness and light, a ritualistic celebration of the feral spirit that resides within us all.

The Movement

With each pulsating beat and distorted riff, Feral Business beckons listeners to embrace their primal instincts, to shed the shackles of conformity, and to dance in the flames of rebellion. They are not just a band but a movement—a testament to the power of music to awaken the dormant passions that lie within us all.

In a world suffocating under the weight of mediocrity, Feral Business stands as a beacon of defiance, a reminder that true artistry knows no boundaries. As they continue to chart their enigmatic journey through the depths of electronic rebellion, one thing remains certain—wherever there is darkness, wherever there is chaos, there will be Feral Business, leading the charge into the unknown.


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