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From The 1st Drop Podcast With Bear Cole

Bear Cole's music themed podcast From The 1st Drop

The From the 1st Drop Podcast is hosted by Bear Cole and the 1st Drop Music Group. It is geared towards Independent Musicians, DJ’s, and Music Fans with tons of educational content, and some goofy fun stuff too. 


Bear Cole has worked in the music industry in more roles than most. As an artist, club DJ, producer, studio engineer, live audio tech, roadie, record label owner, manager of a multi-op DJ company, Wedding & Event DJ, QC technician, and more. This gives him a unique perspective on music. He shares stories from the road, gear reviews, insight into his own music and record label, independent musician tips & tricks, mobile & club DJ advise, and so much more! 

Whether you are a music listener and fan, or a music maker and performer From The 1st Drop with Bear Cole will help to spark that magic of music back into your soul. It’s his life’s work really, and he is passionate and excited about it. 

He really only has two goals with his podcast. His first goal is to teach younger listeners about music history from a different view point, as the guy that was actually there for some of it, and help older listeners come across new great music and break out of their listening rut. His 2nd goal is to remind people about the fun of music as well. After listening to podcasts and taking tons of classes, he fears that music is being broken down into too many 0’s and 1’s.  Musicians are special people with something special inside of them, not just people that are good at running ads and using social media. Music has an intangible quality to it, that can’t always be held in a piece of sheet music, or explained in a formula. He hopes to celebrate some of that mystery with you the listener. 

You can check out his boutique record label at, and sign up to get news whenever there is a new podcast episode, new release, gig coming up, or something else cool worth letting you know about. 

Thank you for listening, and I seriously hope that you stay in touch. I can always be reached at [email protected] and love feedback and just making new friends. Peace – Bear Cole

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows though. The music industry is broken, recent events have slaughtered the live events industry, and independent musicians are struggling to even break free from the pack enough to get a couple listeners. He will share helpful advise for creatives to weather the storm. He will also share some of his personal life story and struggles to explain where his creative process comes from. 


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    01. Sugar Cubes
    Feral Business

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