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So Tired of the Summer Lyric Video

bearcole | April 14, 2024
So Tired of the Summer Lyric Video Bear Cole

Bear Cole’s “So Tired of the Summer”: A Festive Anthem for Those Caught in Between

Bear Cole’s musical prowess knows no bounds, and his track “So Tired of the Summer,” from the album “Alabaster,” is a testament to his ability to blend genres and capture the essence of teenage angst with a festive twist. Released as the first holiday music offering from 1st Drop Music, this song is a refreshing departure from the usual cheer of holiday tunes, catering to those who find themselves caught in between the love for summer and holiday festivities.

Drawing inspiration from Bear’s favorite raunchy comedies and rom-coms from bygone eras, “So Tired of the Summer” is a fun-filled throwback to the carefree days of youth. With its infectious beats and catchy hooks, the song captures the essence of teenage rebellion and longing for escape, making it a perfect fit for those who may not resonate with the typical holiday cheer.

Released on Thanksgiving Day 2023, “So Tired of the Summer” serves as a playful introduction to the festive period, infused with the signature 1st Drop Music style. Bear Cole, along with collaborator Bear the Astronot, delivers an upbeat and infectious alternative pop anthem that is sure to get listeners dancing.

Despite its holiday release, “So Tired of the Summer” remains true to its roots as a song for those who live in between the love for summer and holiday seasons. With its joyful lyrics and energetic melody, it captures the spirit of teenage angst while adding a touch of festive cheer to the mix.

For anyone looking to add a little extra flair to their holiday playlist, “So Tired of the Summer” is a must-listen. Its blend of fun and dancy pop, reminiscent of the 80s, will have listeners tapping their toes and singing along in no time.

So, whether you’re feeling a bit alt and gothy or simply looking for a fresh take on holiday music, “So Tired of the Summer” is sure to hit all the right notes. With its catchy hooks and joyful vibes, it’s the perfect soundtrack for those who find themselves caught between summer and holiday celebrations.


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