VIDEOA nice new Chill Out Afro Latin track by Bear Cole and Remixed by 1st Drop Music artist @turntablekachinamusic . SLTY (Turntable Kachina Remix) is out now and we hope you find some time to enjoy it. #chillmusic #dancemusic #latinmusic #afrobeat #chillout #listen

Next Rent Due is a dance track with a Reggae theme about the current state of financial affairs in the United States, and around the globe. DJ Producer Bear Cole adds a fun twist to a serious subject. or for much more by Bear Cole and the rest of the 1st Drop Music artists.

Some Halloween Music To Help You Set The Vibe

1st Drop Music is dropping two new projects for Halloween 2022. Bear Cole & Turntable Kachina bring you Blood on Me. A 7 song E.P. of Halloween themed dance music! All dance, all Halloween, and a mix of both Bear Cole & Turntable Kachina’s distinctive sounds.

Also, for Halloween 2022. 1st Drop Music is releasing a remastered version of Turntable Kachina’s 2 song E.P. Wind Chimes. Halloween is our favorite holiday at 1st Drop Music, and we are excited for you to listen to these new songs, and a couple dug back up from the grave.

Blood on Me – Bear Cole & Turntable Kachina

Blood on Me is a mix of Dance, Deep House, Trap, Dub, and more. All dance music produced by DJ Producers Bear Cole & Turntable Kachina. Bear Cole is known mostly as a DJ, but also in 2022 started producing an array of House, Deep House, Pop Dance, and Trap tracks for 1st Drop Music. Turntable Kachina has been around for decades. With multiple full length albums released, Turntable Kachina is known for Lo-Fi, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, and World Music releases. With both of their powers combined, the 7 song E.P. Blood on Me, is sure to set the vibe for this years Halloween Parties!

Wind Chimes – Turntable Kachina

At the start Turntable Kachina was Bear Gallagher-Cole’s project producing soundtracks and working in sound design for Movies, Commercials, and Video Games. In 2008 Turntable Kachina was hired to make a Soundtrack for an upcoming slasher Horror Movie. The movie unfortunately was never released, but permission was given to release the opening scene and closing credit tracks as an E.P. The songs were released together as a free download.

In 2022 1st Drop Music decided to dig the Wind Chimes project back up from it’s rotting grave. Remastered in 2022 and re-released for Halloween. Two movie soundtrack tracks by Turntable Kachina, that have an incredible old school 80’s / 90’s horror vibe, mixed with a big of dance production. Just a pinch! We hope you enjoy.

Trip The Light Fantastic

You can listen to all of Bear the Astronot’s music in many ways. The easiest way is to go to and pick your favorite. Another way, that might be even more fun is to check out the music on YouTube. Bear the Astronot, Bear Cole, IMIKO, Turntable Kachina have almost all of their music available in Lyric Videos, Visualizers, and Music Videos on YouTube.

You can see videos just like the one below for Bear the Astronot and all of the 1st Drop Music artists on YouTube, IG TV, and all over the internet.


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