Trip The Light Fantastic

Trip the Light Fantastic is a 19 song full length album by Bear the Astronot. Melding genres is and always has been part of Bear the Astronot’s sound. For decades he has been making music under a few different names and bands/groups. The main three that are his bread & butter are Bear the Astronot of course (Alternative Hip-Hop, Songwriter), Bear Cole (DJ, Dance, Pop), Turntable Kachina (Downtempo, Lofi, Electronic). On the album Trip the Light Fantastic, more than ever all 3 come together. 

A mix of all of these skills and genres, combines to take you through Hip-Hop, Musical, House, Bluegrass, R&B, Drum & Bass, Metal, Celtic, Singer-Songwriter, Island Reggae, Electronic, EDM – in one flowing extravaganza.

Coming straight from Bear Gallagher-Cole –

I really hope you enjoy this album and can find some time to enjoy it in it’s entirety. On your next workout or run, sitting in a dark room, as you lay down in bed. I know albums are rarely listened to all the way through these days – and I get it, who has the time. However, I hope you can find some time to consume this music, and as always I love you for doing so.

Bear the Astronot

As usual, Trip the Light Fantastic is 100% Produced, Performed, Written, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered etc. by Bear Gallagher-Cole. A mix of influences and the Dark and Light that comes with life. Humor, Horror, Grief, Love, Cynicism, Hope, and Dance all wrapped up in a little bow. That is Bear the Astronot’s new album – Trip the Light Fantastic. 

Track List

All Produced, Written, Performed by Bear Gallagher-Cole

  1. Outer Space Party
  2. Try Hard
  3. Charcuterie
  4. Fade Out
  5. Frankenstein Monster
  6. Broken Man’s Soul
  7. Rattlesnake Killa
  8. Washed Up Hip-Hop Heads
  9. So Tired Girls
  10. I Got the Good Stuff
  11. Trigger Warning
  12. Bat Wings
  13. XingaXingaXingaXinga7ing
  14. Arizona Outkast
  15. Dead to Me
  16. Over Civilized
  17. Forbidden Love
  18. Keep Me From All Evil
  19. Run for the Sun

About The Album

19 songs. It is probably too many according to dick head music scholars. I’ve never been much for those rules. I recorded well over 30 songs, and then placed together what worked best for the vision I had for the album. As we spoke about before, that was mixing Bear the Astronot, Bear Cole, and Turntable Kachina together. Riding those influences, but not forcing them to fit together. It was more than that too.

Many of you might know that I love country music and bluegrass. Mixing them together with Hip-Hop was something that just happened overtime. However, it just seemed forced sometimes. I wasn’t finding a natural union of the two. I was slamming them together. The same with some other influences I have mixed with my Alternative Hip-Hop and Songwriting over time. Mixing the funny and sarcastic with the spooky and dark.

My goal on Trip the Light Fantastic was to find that natural balance. I have been going through the hardest time in my life while I wrote this album. I lost my father. I lost 2 more of my very close childhood friends. My daughter had cancer but fought it like the boss she is! I lost 2 businesses during COVID. My wife and son helped me to navigate some very hidden/repressed childhood traumas, and to understand some things about my myself I had never really dealt with. All of a sudden in my 40’s I am dealing with things I repressed my entire life.

I have always had very high anxiety and depression, and been in my humble opinion very skilled at navigating that. I wasn’t sad. I had chemical imbalances and paranoia. I didn’t trust people, and I my energy levels would wane horribly when my depression kicked in. I became really good at navigating these things, and even began to think of them as a blessing. Without them I would not retain my imagination like I have, and I would not be nearly as driven to create art and music.

However, as all of these recent life struggles culminated together I was not in control of my demons for the first time ever. I was a monster. I had a hard time going in public, not the best trait for an entertainer. Constant panic attacks, problems with my temper and getting myself into fights, self harm, horribly exhausting bouts of depression. I was angry, sad, and I was surrounded in darkness. Watching the changes in the world around me lately didn’t help.

The beautiful part about this dark experience though was that I still had my music to express it and help me understand it. I have really fallen in love with the idea that life is all about balance. Darkness is just as important as light. The balance of good and evil, pleasure and pain, what some might call Heaven and Hell – is actually like gravity. Without both nothing would hold together.

So, on my new album I try to express this fear and this hope in my normal weird, eclectic, musical way. We are all joined by our light and our dark, and we are all better than we think.


I approach politics, religion, and some taboo subjects in my music often. I wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things. In music shock is a tool. You only get so many sounds and noises in a song. Sometimes, you can’t beat around the bush. I have received some very intense hateful messages about my music lately, some are just misunderstandings, some are just assholes looking for a problem.

I may come off preachy, judgy, cynical, and ugly in my music sometimes. That is the tool I was talking about. We live in a Preachy, Judgy, Cynical, Ugly world, so it is a great way to communicate.

I consider myself a Patriot. I love America, and I want us to do better. I do have contempt for our government, because I feel like they don’t live up to our values. I do not hate our country, I love it and want it to be better. I love every soldier that fights for us, I feel I am connected to everyone that lives in our country, but I do not support lobbyists, politicians, corporate greed, or our two party governmental system as a whole. So unless you are a government official don’t take offense. You are my brothers and sisters. I think those F(*&s are robbing you daily and you deserve better. I hope that clarifies my political beliefs a bit 🙂

I don’t hate anyone for their religious beliefs. I hate the misuse of religion. I do not believe religion was made to aid you in judgement of others. I don’t believe your religion makes you better or worse than anyone else. Your morals and actions do that. None of us know the full truth, so I approach the ugly side of religion and the harm it does to others in my music. I have been a victim of these harms my whole life, and I want to protect other people like me. I don’t judge anyone for their beliefs, and love all of my religious friends of who I have many whole heartedly. Some of them are the best and most genuine people I know.

Unfortunately, religion gives people power. Anything that gives people power is going to be misused. That power has been misused on me in the past, and I am vocal about it.

I do hate capitalism and materialism, and especially what it has done to an art form I have loved my entire life – Hip-Hop. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to make money or to work hard. I just don’t like the current economic structure of our country and I am unapologetic about that in my music. They may have convinced you that we are doing things the best way, nothing is better, money is key, just follow the system as it is built. I don’t believe it, and I see multiple holes in these theories. I think there is a better way, so you are free to take offense.

If you read this far you have surpassed all of our expectations. Now go listen to the album silly!

Alternative Hip-Hop, Folk, Pop, Country, Americana, and Singer-songwriter by arizona mc


Leaf Dive as an album is hard to categorize. Always one of Bear the Astronot’s goal. With distinct and eclectic influences from Hip-Hop, Alternative, Country, Pop, Folk, Singer-Songwriter and more Bear takes a dive into music. 

The title track Leaf Dive is a fun folky Americana sing-song about inevitable death. Yes you read that right. A fun folksy Hip-Hop based beat, with lyrics about death. A perfect opening to the album. 

If you are into Bear the Astronot’s Hip-Hop Flow, or past music you may not be a fan. If you like something unique and new, with some genuine love songs and impactful lyrics – you should take a listen and give the album a couple tries. 



From August 10th-16th and beyond 1st Drop Music will be celebrating love. With so much selfishness, negativity, and stressful BS out there everyday, we want to use our gift as muscians to put a little bit of love back into the world. All week we will be releasing new love songs, sharing stories of love, and keeping things lovely. 

THE 1st Drop Board of love!

We even created a FB group all about just spreading a little love, click the button below to check it out, join, and share some love with people. 

Board of Love

1st Drop Music will have a few tricks up their sleeve for you too. 


The Week of Love August 2020. What’s the point? Here is Bear Cole to explain the idea. 

“I miss love songs. Outside of country music, and maybe an R&B track here or there, few love songs exist these days. Especially in mainstream music. Most songs about love are actually revenge songs, sex songs, or break up songs. In a  post COVID-19 world, I just felt like maybe putting a little more love out there was important. I want my kids, my nephews, and my nieces to know that love is cool. That treating somebody right, and building a team with them is awesome. Love is a goal in life, and I wanted some music that reflected how cool it is to be in a commited relationship. Maybe shove it back into the face of mainstream music a little bit. Love is cool!”

4 Different Takes On A Love Song

  • Bear Cole & Bear the Astronot – TEAM UP!
  • Bear the Astronot – To Be Your Man
  • Bear the Astronot – My Medusa
  • Bear the Astronot – Sage Brush (remastered)

All will be full release Friday August 14th 2020. Like and Follow on Spotify! We have some other tricks up our sleeves too. They are secret though.



Bear Cole 90’s Dance Party Live Stream On Mixcloud


All the songs technically release at Midnight Friday August 14th, so basically Thursday night. To celebrate and cap off The Week of Love 2020 Bear Cole will be going Live on Mixcloud with an all 90’s Dance Party! All Genres! All 90’s. Where’s the Love? You better be there at 8pm to find out!


LIVE STREAM LINK 8pm Friday Aug 14th!


Late Night King is a song Bear the Astronot wrote for his 2020 album by the same name. What is special about this song though? It meets a goal Bear has had in mind since he started making music. A mission if you will. To create music that lives within genres, picks from multiple styles, but sounds cohesive. 

Bear the Astronot has been experimenting with mixing genres for decades. However, as many producers know it isn’t always as cohesive as they would like. Mixing two genres can be easy. A Rock Rap song might be a perfect example. But Bear has been working all this time to mix more than two genres, cohesively so that the goal isn’t even recognizable. On the song Late Night King he may have found the formula. 

Late Night King is part Indie, part House, part Hip-Hop, part Alternative, part Pop. However, when you listen to it you probably wouldn’t even notice. It isn’t like the listener is saying to themselves, “It sounds like he is trying to mix Indie, House, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Pop.”

The litmus test for Bear was as he says choosing genre. “I finished the song, and as is always the case had to start choosing the main genre before posting it to music sites and social media. The song was cohesive and I loved the sound, but I found myself having a very hard time choosing the genre to place it under.” 

That is what makes the song special. It has received an amazing reaction from listeners, many who say they love it! But where would you place it on a chart of genres if you had to choose? Has Bear mixed so many ingredients together that he created something new? A new genre maybe? Add your thought to the comments below. As an extra challenge what other song, by any artist, would you say is in the same genre?



as a dj BEAR COLE Loves dance music, night love is an example

Night Love is a Dance Music track by DJ & Producer Bear Cole with a mish-mash of influences. As a DJ Bear Cole has to use the energy of different producers songs to transition between moods and energies on the Dance Floor. As a producer, DJ Bear Cole uses this experience to create tracks with DJs in mind. 



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The truth (you Need Me)

Bear the Astronot’s new single – The Truth (you need me) is a dark brooding slant on the current landscape of American life and politics. Click the Button below to choose your listening platform. This song is The Truth!

Choose Where You Listen

With age comes wisdom

Bear the Astronot has always been a musical renegade,  but maybe screaming at the sky isn’t the only way to get things done. On his new single – The Truth (you need me) he takes a more artistic approach to making a very important point. He steps back behind the art, to let the haunting beat, and wordplay do all the talking. 

The Truth (you need me) Merch