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1st Drop Music Country & Songwriter Playlist



Music born in the dirt and on the backroads of Northern Arizona. A land known for it’s drastically changing landscapes that include the largest Pine Forest in the world, the largest Native American reservation on earth, and one of the 7 wonders, the Grand Canyon National Park, where our founder was born and raised. 1st Drop Music’s playlist, the Country and Songwriter playlist, is a true reflection of the eclectic nature and environment of our artists. With influences ranging from Country to Folk, Blues to R&B, Pop to Rock, Hip-Hop to Soul, and beyond, our playlist is a melting pot of genres. Our talented artists, including the acclaimed Bear Cole and Bear the Astronot, have coined their unique style as Southwest Soul, showcasing heartfelt lyrics, acoustic ballads, genre-fusing anthems, and boundary-pushing songs. Whether you’re in the mood for soul-stirring melodies or foot-stomping rhythms, our Country and Songwriter playlist offers a little something for everyone, ensuring a musical journey that is both captivating and diverse.

  • Poverty With a View play_circle_filled

    01. Poverty With a View
    Bear Cole, Bear the Astronot

  • Wreck It Ralph play_circle_filled

    02. Wreck It Ralph
    Bear the Astronot

  • My Medusa play_circle_filled

    03. My Medusa
    Bear the Astronot

  • I Got A Lighter play_circle_filled

    04. I Got A Lighter
    Bear Cole, Bear the Astronot

  • My Everything (Tzatziki Troubadour Mix) play_circle_filled

    05. My Everything (Tzatziki Troubadour Mix)
    Bear the Astronot

  • Puzzle play_circle_filled

    06. Puzzle
    Bear the Astronot

  • So Tired of the Summer play_circle_filled

    07. So Tired of the Summer
    Bear Cole, Bear the Astronot

  • Frankenstein Monster play_circle_filled

    08. Frankenstein Monster
    Bear the Astronot

  • Sage Brush play_circle_filled

    09. Sage Brush
    Bear the Astronot

  • Dirt Road play_circle_filled

    10. Dirt Road
    Bear the Astronot

  • I Got the Good Stuff play_circle_filled

    11. I Got the Good Stuff
    Bear the Astronot

  • Live and Learn play_circle_filled

    12. Live and Learn
    Bear the Astronot


Other Playlists

  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Happens To Me Right Now
    Feral Business, Michael Patrick Ceol

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