Fade Out – Bear the Astronot

Fade Out is a Dance, House track track to Bear the Astronot’s full length album Trip the Light Fantastic. It’s a dancy poppy way to remind musicians that their sound always originated somewhere else. All music is lineage, and you should always pay respect to your roots. You can morph and bend genres to your own liking, but remember where they came from. All of the original Hip-Hop and House creators deserve their flowers. Trip the Light Fantastic is the first time Bear the Astronot, Bear Cole, and Turntable Kachina all come together on one album. A genre mixing explosion of sounds, that is set to communicate the balance between dark and light in life. Bear the Astronot is so happy to bring you Trip the Light Fantastic. Visit 1stDropMusic.com or just hit up the hub at https://hub.beartheastronot.com to experience everything Bear the Astronot. Arizona based alternative hip-hop artist Bear the Astronot is known for cutting lyrics and a diverse melding of sounds and genres. I wouldn’t call him a rapper, but I also wouldn’t not call him one either. He calls his music Southwest Soul. A mix of influences from the Alternative side of Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic, Country, and even Bluegrass. It’s the sound of Arizona to Bear’s ears. Bear is his real name, and there is an occasional exception, but most of the music you hear will be completely produced, written, and recorded by Bear Cole himself. His influences may be so unique, because his life has been so unique. He was born and raised living in The Grand Canyon National Park just minutes from the rim of the Grand Canyon, and spent time living and going to school on the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona. He now lives in Flagstaff Arizona where he is free to take in the outdoors as much as possible. Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, are some of his favorite pass times. Not quite the Bio you read for most Hip-Hop artists, but Bear has never been one to pander. He was never able to shake his love of Hip-Hop which grew from being a super fan of artists like Public Enemy, The Pharcyde, and Outkast growing up. He just tries to take those influences and make something that speaks true to him, his life, and what he loves about music in general. Bear also produces music ranging from instrumental world music and funk, to EDM and Trap. Interested? Checkout Bear Cole and Turntable Kachina. You can also find tons more at 1stDropMusic.com and lots of unreleased goodies at BeartheAstronot.com. Bear isn’t only a musician. He has worked countless different roles in the music industry, and mainly pays the bills as a Club, Event, and Wedding DJ. He also works as an Audio Tech and Engineer mainly in the concert and corporate space. Bear the Astronot’s music can be a bit hard to get a grasp on. It may deviate from what you understand Hip-Hop music to be. That is fine. I hope you are able to give it time, to reach out to you, and pull you up into space. You and Bear can float in the stars together, where music can sound however the F(*& you want it to, as long as it rings true.

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