Last Storm – Bear the Astronot

Every relationship has struggles, and every single one will weather many storms. Last Storm by Bear the Astronot is an emotional look at braving those storms. At some point, when you realize you are with the right person you have to say “This won’t be the last storm, but it will be the last one that tears us apart.” Produced by Bear the Astronot. Check out for more. Arizona based alternative hip-hop artist Bear the Astronot is known for cutting lyrics and a diverse melding of sounds and genres. I wouldn’t call him a rapper, but I also wouldn’t not call him one either. He calls his music Southwest Soul. A mix of influences from the Alternative side of Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic, Country, and even Bluegrass. It’s the sound of Arizona to Bear’s ears. Bear is his real name, and there is an occasional exception, but most of the music you hear will be completely produced, written, and recorded by Bear Cole himself.

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