Drowning – Bear Cole

Drowning was produced and performed by Bear Cole. We all have life issues pushing us down, and it isn’t easy to swim. This song originally started as a dark emotional ballad, but darkness isn’t really what the world needs right now. Bear rewrote the song, to a different beat, and tried to change the message to one of hope. Keep swimming because there is so much love and life around you. No way we ever stop swimming.

Bear Cole is a DJ and Producer from Arizona. With over 20 albums behind him, and production on multiple others Bear isn’t quite new to the music scene. However, in 2020 he decided it was time to start something new. Music production under his own name, influenced by what he loves and enjoys as a DJ instead of an artist. Based in dance and influenced by House, Dancehall, EDM, Trap, Tropical and much more. Visit 1stDropMusic.com for more. DJBearCole.com for mixes and live streams.

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