Bear the Astronot’s New Album Leaf Dive Is Arizona Held In Notes

Alternative Hip-Hop, Folk, Pop, Country, Americana, and Singer-songwriter by arizona mc


Leaf Dive as an album is hard to categorize. Always one of Bear the Astronot’s goal. With distinct and eclectic influences from Hip-Hop, Alternative, Country, Pop, Folk, Singer-Songwriter and more Bear takes a dive into music. 

The title track Leaf Dive is a fun folky Americana sing-song about inevitable death. Yes you read that right. A fun folksy Hip-Hop based beat, with lyrics about death. A perfect opening to the album. 

If you are into Bear the Astronot’s Hip-Hop Flow, or past music you may not be a fan. If you like something unique and new, with some genuine love songs and impactful lyrics – you should take a listen and give the album a couple tries. 

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