IMIKO EP is available Everywhere

IMIKO EP Album Art

Hello, my name is Bear Gallagher-Cole and I am the owner of 1st Drop Music. I am so excited to tell you that the 6 song EP by IMIKO is available for your consumption everywhere. House, Bass House, EDM. It is a well produced outing from IMIKO, and we can’t wait for a full length album.

I thought this would be a good time to tell you why we added IMIKO as part of 1st Drop Music. First, we aren’t a label. IMIKO did all the hard work creating the music himself, we just are helping to promote it.

I met IMIKO awhile back, when he worked for me as a DJ. I was running a multi-op, and my own company at the same time. Trask Snow, aka IMIKO was a good employee and DJ. Not only because of his music talent, but because or brains just worked the same. We had a similar work ethic and love for music. DJing was just one part of what we did, so we were able to separate it from our art and concentrate on the needs of the gig, instead of our own needs. For any DJ doing a mix of Bar, Club, Wedding, Corporate, School functions this is a must. It’s hard to train someone that DJing is not about playing what you want people to hear, but figuring out what people want to hear and having enough knowledge of music to make that happen.

IMIKO got that right away. As we spoke though it was apparent we were both kind of workaholics. We produced, we were audio engineers, we were both techy, we were both musicians and songwriters. Our fit in the space of music and entertainment was far beyond just one role. This helped to build a friendship and working relationship.

On any day you will catch us talking about a wedding gig, sound at a venue, a remix EP or DJ edit, and what class we might be taking to get certified or improve our skills. It’s just how we communicate. So, when IMIKO started releasing music it was a no-brainer. We help each other out, as people in the gig economy should. Making IMIKO part of 1st Drop Music was just the next natural step.

So with all of that being said we are excited to help promote IMIKO’s EP and can’t wait for you to listen.

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