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bearcole | March 14, 2024
bearcolemusic-square is a tiny site and mainly a gateway to Bear Cole’s music here on 1st Drop Visit this new site or read below to explore The new site offers music enthusiasts a captivating journey through the diverse musical landscape crafted by Bear Gallagher-Cole, showcasing his talents across various alter egos including Bear Cole, Bear the Astronot, Michael Patrick Ceol, and Turntable Kachina. The website provides a seamless platform for fans to explore Gallagher-Cole’s eclectic catalog, ranging from soul-stirring melodies to thought-provoking lyrics, each persona representing a unique facet of his creative expression. Whether delving into the introspective realms of Bear Cole’s acoustic ballads or immersing oneself in the futuristic soundscapes of Bear the Astronot, invites listeners to embark on an enriching sonic voyage filled with depth, innovation, and artistic exploration.


Bear Gallagher-Cole’s multifaceted musical journey is as diverse as the genres he explores under his various artist names. Recognizing the challenge his eclectic style posed for listeners trying to pinpoint their favorite sounds, Gallagher-Cole ingeniously crafted distinct alter egos, each catering to different musical tastes. At the core of his creative process lies a meticulous consideration of which persona—each with its own unique musical inclination—best fits the vibe he seeks to convey.

“I literally have a picture in my head every song I write of which of my alter-egos is coming through in the lyrics or being expressed in the beat I am making. This is why sometimes you will see songs and albums by multiple collaborating alter egos. I may have channeled Michael Patrick Ceol on the beat, Bear Cole on the production, and Bear the Astronot in the songwriting. I use these different names to allow me to explore wherever I want my music to go, but also make it easier for listeners to find what they want.” says Bear Gallagher-Cole.


Under the guise of Bear Cole, Bear Gallagher-Cole harnesses his rich background as a DJ to craft electrifying productions pulsating with infectious energy and irresistible rhythms. Rooted in his deep appreciation for dance, pop, and EDM, Bear Cole’s music exudes a distinct vibe meticulously tailored to set the dance floor ablaze. With an acute awareness of contemporary trends and pop sensibilities, Gallagher-Cole’s endeavors as Bear Cole strike a chord with aficionados of house, pop, EDM, hip-hop, and extend even into the realms of pop country and rock, catering to a diverse audience yearning for euphoric melodies and dynamic compositions. Whether he’s orchestrating anthemic dance tracks or crafting soul-stirring ballads, Bear Cole’s music transcends genre boundaries, captivating listeners with its infectious allure and undeniable charm. Bear Cole is not worried about what is considered Underground or Alt, he is how Bear can express his love for Pop, Songwriting, and Dance.


In contrast, Bear the Astronot emerges as Gallagher-Cole’s alter ego dedicated to the exploration of alternative sounds. As a versatile hip-hop artist and MC, Bear the Astronot delves into the unconventional aspects of rap, seamlessly blending elements of country, rock, electronic, and beyond. With a penchant for pushing boundaries and embracing the unexpected, Bear the Astronot invites listeners on a sonic journey that transcends traditional genre boundaries, offering a rich tapestry of alternative influences and experimental sounds. Be ready to jump from a dark pounding Trap song infused with Lyrical dexterity and energy right into a gently sung love ballad over an electronic soundscape when enjoying Bear the Astronot’s music. Gallagher-Cole has released an extensive catalog of music as The Astronot and won multiple awards.

At one moment dark and brooding, and at another uplifting and joyous Bear the Astronot uses Alternative sounds and Lyrics to paint a picture of his world. Gallagher-Cole’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each persona—whether Bear Cole or Bear the Astronot—brings a distinct and compelling musical experience to audiences, reflecting his unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and creative expression.


Within the multifaceted world of Bear Gallagher-Cole’s musical personas, Michael Patrick Ceol emerges as the embodiment of his darker inclinations. Drawing from years of experience in producing soundtracks and sound design for horror films and abstract projects, Michael Patrick Ceol brings a haunting and mysterious aura to his compositions. With an unapologetic embrace of the macabre, Ceol’s music ventures into the realms of dance, techno, and symphonic synthesizer masterpieces, and ambient droning terrorscapes that will make the hair on your arms stand up. Infusing each track with an undeniable sense of darkness and intrigue, Michael Patrick Ceol is a huge fan of Techno, Goth, Synthcore, and Metal.

As the alter ego that delves into the shadowy recesses of Gallagher-Cole’s mind, Michael Patrick Ceol crafts sonic landscapes that are both chilling and captivating. From pulsating beats that pulse with an ominous energy to ethereal synth melodies that evoke a sense of foreboding, Ceol’s music transports listeners to a world where darkness reigns supreme. Even within the realm of rap, Ceol brings a distinctively sinister edge, exploring themes of existential angst and inner turmoil with raw intensity.

For those who are drawn to the darker side of electronic music and crave compositions that defy traditional boundaries, Michael Patrick Ceol offers a visceral and immersive experience unlike any other. Gallagher-Cole’s mastery of sound design and his unyielding commitment to pushing artistic boundaries ensure that each track under the guise of Michael Patrick Ceol leaves a lasting impression, leaving listeners simultaneously unsettled and spellbound by the depths of his musical imagination.


Enter Turntable Kachina, the embodiment of Bear Gallagher-Cole’s deep-rooted connection to vinyl culture and experimental beats. With a passion for digging through decades of records and a profound love for electronic and hip-hop, Turntable Kachina emerges as the ultimate sample and analog expressionist. Gallagher-Cole’s formative years spent living on the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona, surrounded by the rich cultures of the Hopi, Navajo, and Havasupai tribes, as well as his upbringing in the majestic Grand Canyon National Park, profoundly influence Turntable Kachina’s sonic vision.

Infusing his productions with elements of world music and traditional instrumentation from diverse cultures, Turntable Kachina creates a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that transcends geographical boundaries. Each track is a sonic journey that pays homage to Gallagher-Cole’s multicultural upbringing and his reverence for the music of indigenous peoples around the world. From the hypnotic rhythms of tribal drums to the haunting melodies of ancient wind instruments, Turntable Kachina’s music is a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration and artistic expression.

For those who crave a musical experience that transports them to distant lands and transcends the constraints of time and space, Turntable Kachina offers a captivating fusion of past and present, tradition and innovation. Gallagher-Cole’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of sound and his deep respect for the diverse musical traditions of the world ensure that each composition under the guise of Turntable Kachina is a testament to the universal language of music.


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